Young LIving Oils for Runners

Young LIving Oils for Runners

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Times

I am back! I decided to continue to write in my blog. I am not sure where to begin. 2014 has been a fantastic and memorable year. Twelve months ago, I would have never guessed this however. In Jan 2014 I dropped 5 lbs of water weight in just a few days. Having being diagnosed with Hashimotos, I discovered that I had some food sensitivities. I removed those foods from my diet and lost the weight and took a thyroid medication. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and started to feel more energetic and excited to train and race again! I was invited to race The Runners Edge Treadmill Challenge. There were 6 women invited and all of them were fast runners. We had to race 10 min @ 12% grade. I was nervous but excited. I made it to round 2 and won the race! There was music blasting, a great announcer and lots of people cheering the runners and even a betting pool. It was intense but what a thrill. That race gave me confidence that I could possibly race again competitively post twins.

We moved into our new house March 1 during a blizzard. We had to shuttle into our truck which required chains because not only was there snow up to my knees but our driveway is 18% grade at some points. It is also 1 km long.
I love our new house. It overlooks a huge valley. I can run on trails right out my door and the stars are so bright at night. Every once in a while an owl lands on our roof at night and hoots. There are also 5 jack rabbits and 2 bunnies who live here. Our house is solar powered. It is a relief to not get a power bill every month.

I ran lots of races this year and surprised myself in a few of them. I set 2 course records and enjoyed racing up a jagged 11,000 ft peak. The race is called the Rut Vertical Km and its part of the Skyrunning Series. Race Directors Mike Foote and Mike Wolfe did an outstanding job of creating an European-like experience. It was a thrill to race up the peak with people cheering with cowbells and running with competitors from around the world.
Nearly every weekend I run a long run with my friends on trails. Below are some photos of some runs I did.

 I am homeschooling and working part time as an online running coach. I also am dabbling in Young Living Essential oils which I will post more info on later. 
My little boys are now 3 and are sleeping well (mostly) and no longer need diapers. Life is easier and I am planning on focusing on running faster for 2015 and exploring mountain trails with good friends. Cheers to another great year!
Running Happy,

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Speed Endurance Coaching

Hello Running Friends,
I decided to not have a blog anymore. If you are  interested in following my running adventures and dreams and coaching tips please go to Speed Endurance Coaching on Facebook. Thank you for all your support through the years. I do appreciate all your comments. My 4 boys are doing well and so am I.
Running Happy!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Colors of Life

First time at Seeley Lake
23 months
Sorry to be missing for 8 months. So much change is happening in my life that I decided to do a quick blog update.
First is that we are close to moving in to our new house. I am very busy with items for our house like faucets, flooring, lights, doors etc. I am also busy with trying to sell our existing house.
My 3 boys are keeping me busy too but thank goodness Roam and Ember are finally sleeping a bit better. I now get maybe one 3-4 hour stretch during the night where one or both does not wake up. I do not believe in crying it out so it can be exhausting some nights but I do see a glimmer of hope that more sleep is coming for me too.
My running is .....well the good news I am not injured and I can run moderate. The not so good news is that I recently found out that I have hypothyroidism likely caused by pregnancy. I diagnosed myself a few months ago and wanted to rule it out since I was slower in my races and could not get back to my former pre-pregnancy weight. I actually have Hashimotos which is an auto-immune disease affecting my thyroid and adrenals. I researched and discovered that I can reverse this disease using nutrition. 10 days ago I started taking my thyroid pill and am feeling a little better but I have a while yet to be back to my former self. For now, per doctors orders I can only run moderate.
If there are any runners out there that just don't feel right after pregnancy, go get a Hashimotos screen and test your TSH, free T3 and free T4. I likely would have not known I had this condition if it were not for wondering why I was slower in races.
I feel fortunate to be able to run moderate pace on the trails in the mountains. It is so pretty this time of year. The bright fall colors fill me with happiness and remind me of how lucky I am. Running in the mountains inspires me to begin training for a goal. My dream is to make another mountain running team. I am excited to start training again soon in hopes to qualify for my 3rd mountain running team.
Running Happy
New house construction

22 months

Eon 5 years old

Our house for sale

Building a fort in the mountains July

Hike in the woods with my boys Aug 13

Love the watermelon July 13

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Counting my Blessings

15 months
So much has happened but I don't have the time anymore to write in this blog regularly.
Roam and Ember started walking in December. Roam first then Ember about 10 days later. They were so proud of themselves and smiled big broad smiles and giggled after they each took 3-4 steps. They now get into everything possible and we allow them free reign of the house. I babyproofed all I could and put monitors up so I can hear them from room to room. They love exploring and do almost everything together.
I got sponsored by Brooks Shoes again. I feel so fortunate that Brooks believes in supporting Mamas. This sponsorship is not puny. I could buy at least 15 pairs of shoes or equivalent clothing.
My training is going well too! I am running 2-3 hard workouts a week and just saw a slight improvement in my fitness this past week. My comeback from pregnancy is much slower compared with my first pregnancy though. I attribute that to lower training volume, less time to train, sleep deprivation and maybe even my 4 finger abdominal separation. I likely will need surgery to repair that.
Roam and Ember are beginning to follow commands like - go put the diaper in the garbage. Roam or Ember will pick up the diaper and throw it in the garbage. It so amazing and cute too.
Another example of my boys cuteness to me is -when I hurt myself like stepping on a hard toy and yelp with pain, I have all 3 boys giving my hugs This makes all the sleep deprivation worth it to me :)
We stayed in a Yurt last weekend. We all hiked and/or sled 20 min to get to it. I never stayed in a yurt before so it was an experience. Thankfully Ray kept the fire going all night b/c it got very cold. Skiing in the sunshine pulling Eon was my highlight.
My next race is a 3 mile St Pattys Day Race. My goal is to run faster than last year.
I feel so blessed to have my family and health. Every day is special for us all. Every night in bed I count my blessings and I know I am a very lucky Mama.
Happy Valentines Day.
Running Happy

13 months

Celebrating Winter Solstice with candles and songs

Roam taking his first steps

Ember taking his first steps
Inside the Yurt

15 month hats and Eon 4.5 yrs old loving his digger Valentine

Sledding around the yurt

The yurt had a sky light and lots of windows

Off we hike to the Yurt
Eon loves pushing his brother in this car

Eons fort

15 months

Roam exploring outside 14 months

Friday, November 16, 2012

Buzz Buzz


Happy 1 Year!

I am busy...too busy to write in this blog regularly. Now that Roam and Ember are both crawling and standing, they keep me busy as a bee-buzz buzzing around!
We have a 3 story 100+ year old house. The stairs are super steep and dangerous too. I have to carry them up and down the stairs all day or stand behind them as they crawl up or down.
Ember on left, Roam on right ready to celebrate
They like to work in tandem. For example, Ember loves to play with toilet water and Roam likes to unravel the toilet paper. Roam likes to slink down in his highchair pulling his diaper off then Ember will play with Roam's full diaper during the diaper change. Ember will watch Roam slink into the tub. Roam will turn on the faucet and get all wet. Ember likes to get into the garbage and Roam likes to eat it. Roam will bolt out of the door to outside, and when I grab Roam, Ember will sneak outside...
Thank goodness for Eon. He is my 3rd eyeball. He has saved me from disaster many a time. He will inform me when they find some small object or when trouble is a brewing.
My training has taken a back seat for a while. We do not hire childcare so my days of running hard are limited. Ray works 12 hr days and by the time he gets home I am tired. I try to have all 3 in bed by 8:30pm so if I don't fall asleep by then I have an hour or so to relax. In the mornings, after breakfast I run on the treadmill while all 3 play around. I really don't have time to do anything but a short run and a few exercises. This is not going to get me in the shape I was in a few years ago though. I am also severly sleep deprived since they wake up each ~3+ times a night. I know it will get much easier as soon as they are ~3 years old. Until then I am happy to be a little slower and I would not change a thing.
I did race Mt Sentinel Hill Climb again. I was 2 min faster than 2010 but it was a different course. However I was very close to my same mark up to the M (~7 min 55 sec's compared to 7 min 40 sec's  in 2010) so I am happy that my hill racing is improving!
My 2013 goal is to run faster in every race. My next race will likely be in March. Until then cheers,
Eon made a card out of Halloween Candy
Mt Sentinel Hill Climb

Roam and Ember love to swing

Utah at XTERRA 21k National Championships
Photo taken at the M mark

Ray pushing all 3 boys in at Vets Race

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bountiful Baskets

9 months- My life is very busy but full of fun. Roam and Ember now are eating quite a bit of solid foods like mangos, melons, avocado, refried beans, and cheese. They wave their arms in excitement and make happy noises when they see food. Below is a photo taken after we picked up our Bountiful Basket full of organic produce. We only have to walk 2 blocks away from our house to load the wagon. Roam and Ember and Eon love going there and exploring what is inside the box of yummy foods.
In other news, my husband Ray and I celebrated our 15 yr Anniversary. We were married on top of a 10,000 foot peak and below are some photos. Everyone had to hike 8 miles and back for the wedding. We were married in the clouds.

Roam and Ember have started to play alongside each other. They enjoy mimicking their baby noises and hand each other toys. It makes me so happy to see them be happy together. They truly seem to enjoy each others company.

Eon turned 4 and continues to be my best helper. For example he will help me soothe one baby while I change a diaper or nurse one to sleep. Eon loves pushing his brother in his red car below too.

We decided to start building a house. We hired someone to construct our 1km driveway 2 weeks ago. The house will be on the plot of land below. It is in the country on top of hill with just coyotes and deer as our neighbors. The driveway averages 10% grade so it will be an excellent workout to get the mail!

Eon is playing soccer and I am the coach of his team. Eon likes playing goalie best.
My husband was in another cycling accident. He broke his clavicle which has been difficult for us all but he is doing fine now.
And lastly, I raced a 10k from 6000 feet to 5500 feet drop but had some steep up hills the last 2 miles and ran 37:27 which I am very happy about. My goal race is in 6 weeks which is the Xterra HM National Championships.
Running Happy