Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Never Give Up

Running Mamas (and Fathers), Never Give Up!
Ran 1 minute faster, compared to last year, at Icebreaker Road 5 mile race (29:48).
My best on that course about 10 years ago is 27:40 but my masters best is 29:30 set in 2010 so excited about getting faster!

What do I attribute to getting a little faster:
1. Sleeping better- the boys have been sleeping through the night now for about 6 months
2. Less stress in my life- a year ago, I was nursing, changing diapers every few hours and chasing toddlers everywhere.
3. Being Happy

Keep believing in your goals!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Faster than Fast

In April Runners Edge Newsletter "Faster than Fast" find out what lab values I suggest to test for optimal racing performance and when/how often to test. My hope is to help and inspire you to be the best runner you can be

“Faster than fast” says Lightening McQueen. How do runners become faster than fast? We run at our best when we train smart, decrease stress, eat for speed, sleep soundly and have optimal blood values.
I encourage all my athletes to get blood work when they are feeling really good while running which gives a helpful reference point for their future running years or when they are not feeling so good. Test, minimally, one time per year and retest any abnormal values after recommendations implemented shortly thereafter.

Please click on link below for the entire article:

In other news, I raced the Lewis and Clark Caverns 12k trail race last weekend. An accomplished biathlete and very strong trail racer,  23 year old Corrine Malcom, and I dueled it out to the finish. I finished first by only about 10 sec's. (photo credit: Eileen Robbins). Below I was told to lift the trophy. Mine was heavy - at least 20lbs!

Next race is IceBreaker and Bloomsday. My goal is to run my fastest since having my little boys. I am feeling healthy and so thankful to be running injury free. My 3 boys are so much fun to play with and now that they are easier I have more time to train and run in the mountains where I am most happy. I feel blessed.
I will be updating my website and blog in the next few months so expect some big changes!! My hope is to inspire you somehow. Thank you all for visiting my blog.
Best wishes,

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Get Your Strong On

Hope this inspires you to be the best runner you can be.

March Runners Edge Newsletter

Get Your Strong On – Coaching Tips by Nicole Hunt

Last month I wrote about believing in your dreams, the power of your mind, and how your thoughts affect every single cell in your body. In this article and subsequent articles I will discuss the training modalities that will help manifest your running goals and dreams.
In the beginning of every season a runner is told to do “base training”. Most runners when they hear base training think run lots of miles moderate over hills training. This kind of running is important but instead of just running moderate hard, I coach my athletes (and practice myself too) is what I will call “Get Strong Training”.

Read on in this link below:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Believe Train Celebrate

I am writing monthly articles for Runners Edge in Missoula Montana titled,
Believe Train Celebrate.

Believe, Train, Celebrate: Coaching Tips from Nicole Hunt


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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

29 years old and Going on 30

 After a hard workout, no more aching when I get out of bed, no more pain going down the stairs and I feel like I can run forever.  What did I do? I changed my diet. I now avoid all added sugars and eat lots of organic vegetables. I also told myself I am 29 years old going on 30. I feel really good running too and I think I am fitter than last year which is exciting to me. I feel extremely grateful to be running injury free.

I ran 2 races in the last 2 months. One was the Freezer Burn 10 miler. Its a slightly downhill course. The first mile or so was very icy and temperatures were around 30F. I ran 1:01:56 or 6:12 pace. Super happy about that race. Photo Credit: Vo von Sehlen
The next race I did was Runners Edge Treadmill Challenge. I trained for this for about 6 weeks. Running up short and long hills, and circuit training. I felt fit. There are 2 rounds then a final. Each treadmill was set at 12% grade. The 3 runners who run the furthest in 10 min go to the final. I hit 1.11 miles winning the first round and then in the final I ran 1.16. I averaged 8:40 pace for 10 min. It was a thrill to race. The crowd was loud and I felt really good running. I think I amped it up to 7:30 pace the last 30 sec's or so.Photo Credit: Vo von Sehlen

Here is a video of the event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi1cbL6M9SM

Here is a photo of the men's tope 2 finishers. It was a duel to the finish between Andrew Drobeck and Mike Foote.

Here is my tentative 2015 race schedule:
Jan - Freezer Burn
Feb - Treadmill Challenge
March - St Pats Race
April- Icebreaker
May- Bloomsday and 10 miles to Paradise
June-G Cup 5k, Wulfman
July- Missoula HM, USA Mountain Running Championships
August-?? some trail race
Sept- The Rut 25k
Oct - Mt Sentinel Hill Climb
Nov- Mt Cup
I love training in the mountains and I can't wait to race.
Running Happy!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Times

I am back! I decided to continue to write in my blog. I am not sure where to begin. 2014 has been a fantastic and memorable year. Twelve months ago, I would have never guessed this however. In Jan 2014 I dropped 5 lbs of water weight in just a few days. Having being diagnosed with Hashimotos, I discovered that I had some food sensitivities. I removed those foods from my diet and lost the weight and took a thyroid medication. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and started to feel more energetic and excited to train and race again! I was invited to race The Runners Edge Treadmill Challenge. There were 6 women invited and all of them were fast runners. We had to race 10 min @ 12% grade. I was nervous but excited. I made it to round 2 and won the race! There was music blasting, a great announcer and lots of people cheering the runners and even a betting pool. It was intense but what a thrill. That race gave me confidence that I could possibly race again competitively post twins.

We moved into our new house March 1 during a blizzard. We had to shuttle into our truck which required chains because not only was there snow up to my knees but our driveway is 18% grade at some points. It is also 1 km long.
I love our new house. It overlooks a huge valley. I can run on trails right out my door and the stars are so bright at night. Every once in a while an owl lands on our roof at night and hoots. There are also 5 jack rabbits and 2 bunnies who live here. Our house is solar powered. It is a relief to not get a power bill every month.

I ran lots of races this year and surprised myself in a few of them. I set 2 course records and enjoyed racing up a jagged 11,000 ft peak. The race is called the Rut Vertical Km and its part of the Skyrunning Series. Race Directors Mike Foote and Mike Wolfe did an outstanding job of creating an European-like experience. It was a thrill to race up the peak with people cheering with cowbells and running with competitors from around the world.
Nearly every weekend I run a long run with my friends on trails. Below are some photos of some runs I did.

 I am homeschooling and working part time as an online running coach. I also am dabbling in Young Living Essential oils which I will post more info on later. 
My little boys are now 3 and are sleeping well (mostly) and no longer need diapers. Life is easier and I am planning on focusing on running faster for 2015 and exploring mountain trails with good friends. Cheers to another great year!
Running Happy,

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Speed Endurance Coaching

Hello Running Friends,
I decided to not have a blog anymore. If you are  interested in following my running adventures and dreams and coaching tips please go to Speed Endurance Coaching on Facebook. Thank you for all your support through the years. I do appreciate all your comments. My 4 boys are doing well and so am I.
Running Happy!