Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ember and Roam's Birth Story

Wed Nov 2- For the 6th day in a row I hiked 3 hrs up and down steep single track trails in hopes of inducing labor. The fact that every day I was getting faster and no contractions helped me realize that I was destined to have that C-sect on Nov 3
Th Nov 3-Woke up a 4:45 am to do some pushups and other exercises. I had to be at the Labor and Delivery Room at 5:30 am. I started to have anxiety as soon as I entered the hospital. Knowing what happens during a c-sect was helpful but that did not ease my butterflies. After 2 hrs of questions and routine tests I entered the OR for a spinal block.  This was not too painful (felt like a wasp sting) but I disliked the experience.
I was placed on the OR bed under very bright lights. It seemed like there were at least 10 people in the room and then my husband entered. The spinal was tested by my ob who asked me if I could feel the any pain.
I told him I could feel it and the pain on my left side felt sharp. He was poking me in 4 places and 2 of the 4 felt numb but the other 2 spots I felt slight pain (dull needle poke). They waited for 5 min and tried again. This time only 1 spot felt more sharp. They decided to proceed.
This is where I earn my badge. As he cut into me I felt the pain. It was agonizing and it was the worst pain ever in my life. The anesthesiologist told me after a few minutes that I could go asleep. Being a former RN I guess I knew too much and was scared that this procedure for a c-sect (which I thought was general anesthesia) might harm me or the twins. I also felt like the morphine mask was suffocating me.
Roam came out screaming and 1 min later Ember (now breech) came out screaming too! Their apgars were 9 each. Ember weighed 5.7 lbs and Roam 5.6 lbs.
Now I could go through life being depressed, mad and bitter about my birthing experience but I decided 5 days later that I could use this experience to build my character and confidence. Nothing in races compares to that horrid pain. I told myself that I will be a better person and athlete due to surviving and conquering the worst pain in my life.
The rest of their birth day is kind of a blur. Ember was placed in the nicu because 40 min after birth he suddenly turned white. About 2 hrs after the c-sect I asked to see Ember. I was wheeled into the nicu to hold and nurse him. I vomited several times but holding him for a few minutes was all worth it to me.
That night I was able to walk around my room with minimal assistance.
Fr Nov 4- Ember was discharged from the nicu at 10am. It was so good to hold them both in my arms and nurse them
I was able to walk about 15 min in the halls
Sat Nov 5- Discharged! Walked 1 mile
Sun Nov 6- Walked 1.5 miles a little faster
Mon Nov 7 Walked 1.5 miles a little faster
Tues, Wed and Thr Nov 8-10 Walked 45 min moderate at 19% grade. Very little discomfort. My plan is to hike 1 hour up a mountain on Saturday
The twins are so cuddly and very sleepy. I bought a nursing pillow so I can feed them about the same time every 2-3 hrs or anytime when they show signs of hunger.
My training plan is to crosstrain for 4 weeks and then attempt a short 5 min run. My c-sect pain is nearly gone. The only pain I feel is a burning sensation when I try to get in and out of bed.
I am excited to start running again and explore the beautiful mountain trails. I feel so lucky to have 2 healthy babies, and a fun loving husband and my adorable little boy Eon.


cherelli said...

Oh wow Nicole, what a traumatic birthing experience! Congratulations on surviving something like that, I'm sure there may be traumatic after-effects (just out of interest did you get offered counselling? Just that my Mum had a similar experience and was diagnosed 5yrs later with PTSD from that original op) but it sounds like you are doing okay for now, especially since - as you say - it resulted in two beautiful babies. Enjoy these early days with them and getting back out there running too!

5'10" Irish said...

I hated my first birth. Took about 5 days of relaying how bad it sucked before it finally faded. But having a healthy baby (or two!) makes it all worth it! I'm sorry your c-sect was so awful, but how wonderful your babies are! Your recovery sounds so inspiring. I hope you get lots of rest and lots of love from your wonderful family! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

They are precious and so beautiful! We are so happy for you. Ember and Roam are so lucky to have such a great loving family.
Jacquie & Jay

Anonymous said...

Wow Nicole! That is quite a birth story! I love the way you look at it. Shame on the OB and staff, you are one tough cookie. I had a C-section and shook the whole time. They asked if I was cold, I said no, I am terrified! They all thought that was weird. So to go through all that during the birth then after is a lot. Your family looks great and you look beautiful as ever! Love your bravery, thank you for sharing.


sea legs girl said...

Oh my gosh, Nicole. I think it is really good that you wrote about your experience. Something like that just need to be talked about. Here I was expecting to read a comfy-cozy birth story. Anyway, it seems like you have the best attitude about it one can have. Congratulations on your two beautiful new sons. I am so glad they are healthy. Enjoy your time with them!

Anonymous said...

Recover well, Super Tough Mama!!! enjoy those beautiful babes and the fact your body is amazing... as is your spirit and soul!
-kristin z, OR

BeckyJ said...

Okay. I just have to super woman! Most women aren't walking even a WEEK after a c-section. Good on ya, mama! You have 3 beautiful boys and you are such a wonderful mother!

Nicole said...

Thank you all fo all your kind comments! I am feeling great both physically and emotionally. Roam and Ember are so cuddly. We are all happy. :)