Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bountiful Baskets

9 months- My life is very busy but full of fun. Roam and Ember now are eating quite a bit of solid foods like mangos, melons, avocado, refried beans, and cheese. They wave their arms in excitement and make happy noises when they see food. Below is a photo taken after we picked up our Bountiful Basket full of organic produce. We only have to walk 2 blocks away from our house to load the wagon. Roam and Ember and Eon love going there and exploring what is inside the box of yummy foods.
In other news, my husband Ray and I celebrated our 15 yr Anniversary. We were married on top of a 10,000 foot peak and below are some photos. Everyone had to hike 8 miles and back for the wedding. We were married in the clouds.

Roam and Ember have started to play alongside each other. They enjoy mimicking their baby noises and hand each other toys. It makes me so happy to see them be happy together. They truly seem to enjoy each others company.

Eon turned 4 and continues to be my best helper. For example he will help me soothe one baby while I change a diaper or nurse one to sleep. Eon loves pushing his brother in his red car below too.

We decided to start building a house. We hired someone to construct our 1km driveway 2 weeks ago. The house will be on the plot of land below. It is in the country on top of hill with just coyotes and deer as our neighbors. The driveway averages 10% grade so it will be an excellent workout to get the mail!

Eon is playing soccer and I am the coach of his team. Eon likes playing goalie best.
My husband was in another cycling accident. He broke his clavicle which has been difficult for us all but he is doing fine now.
And lastly, I raced a 10k from 6000 feet to 5500 feet drop but had some steep up hills the last 2 miles and ran 37:27 which I am very happy about. My goal race is in 6 weeks which is the Xterra HM National Championships.
Running Happy


Mapp said...

lots of wonderful news! Very happy for you. Happy anniversary, and good luck with the house. We just moved in our house a couple of months ago, after refurbishing it for 4 months. It is not quite finished, but it is wonderful to have a garden for the kids to play in!

AdventureSteph said...

nicole....i am QUITE IMPRESSED....!!!!
Nursing twins...taking care of a4 yr old as well as also Racing in the top tier...whhoooyyaaaa ;-) You certainly must have a great attitude and are able to balance life with smooth strides, Congrats!
Our son is just a extremely happy..and giggly....lovey 7 month young... No way I could race....i run little here little there ...mostly bike for cardio....
I am soooo fortunate to also be able to supply our LO with amazing breast milk!!.....what an awesome opportunity indeed!!!

Ganesan Visvanathan said...

You have a wonderful family. Keep on blogging.