Friday, November 16, 2012

Buzz Buzz


Happy 1 Year!

I am busy...too busy to write in this blog regularly. Now that Roam and Ember are both crawling and standing, they keep me busy as a bee-buzz buzzing around!
We have a 3 story 100+ year old house. The stairs are super steep and dangerous too. I have to carry them up and down the stairs all day or stand behind them as they crawl up or down.
Ember on left, Roam on right ready to celebrate
They like to work in tandem. For example, Ember loves to play with toilet water and Roam likes to unravel the toilet paper. Roam likes to slink down in his highchair pulling his diaper off then Ember will play with Roam's full diaper during the diaper change. Ember will watch Roam slink into the tub. Roam will turn on the faucet and get all wet. Ember likes to get into the garbage and Roam likes to eat it. Roam will bolt out of the door to outside, and when I grab Roam, Ember will sneak outside...
Thank goodness for Eon. He is my 3rd eyeball. He has saved me from disaster many a time. He will inform me when they find some small object or when trouble is a brewing.
My training has taken a back seat for a while. We do not hire childcare so my days of running hard are limited. Ray works 12 hr days and by the time he gets home I am tired. I try to have all 3 in bed by 8:30pm so if I don't fall asleep by then I have an hour or so to relax. In the mornings, after breakfast I run on the treadmill while all 3 play around. I really don't have time to do anything but a short run and a few exercises. This is not going to get me in the shape I was in a few years ago though. I am also severly sleep deprived since they wake up each ~3+ times a night. I know it will get much easier as soon as they are ~3 years old. Until then I am happy to be a little slower and I would not change a thing.
I did race Mt Sentinel Hill Climb again. I was 2 min faster than 2010 but it was a different course. However I was very close to my same mark up to the M (~7 min 55 sec's compared to 7 min 40 sec's  in 2010) so I am happy that my hill racing is improving!
My 2013 goal is to run faster in every race. My next race will likely be in March. Until then cheers,
Eon made a card out of Halloween Candy
Mt Sentinel Hill Climb

Roam and Ember love to swing

Utah at XTERRA 21k National Championships
Photo taken at the M mark

Ray pushing all 3 boys in at Vets Race


gynecologist chandler said...

Such a beautiful day for the whole family.

AdventureSteph said...

Wholly batWoman Nicole!!!

You rock!!!! Allthose vertical stair climbing and leaning over "almost walking" twins...and BREASTFEEDING!!! probably has made you into a fierce and lean competitor!! you look real STRONG Too!
We also have an almost walking Super Healthy, Super Happy 10month babe....geez, YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN!!!
I get wickedly exhausted...and think that Parenting IS, THE.MOST.CHALLENGING.RELATIONSHIP.THAT.WE .BUILD!!!

Three cheers to being a Breastfeeding , driven Momma...

P.s...we love that darned Xhariot!! We are waiting snow, so we can have fun with the ski attacgment!!

Steph n Mr. A

Milady said...


I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!