Thursday, February 14, 2013

Counting my Blessings

15 months
So much has happened but I don't have the time anymore to write in this blog regularly.
Roam and Ember started walking in December. Roam first then Ember about 10 days later. They were so proud of themselves and smiled big broad smiles and giggled after they each took 3-4 steps. They now get into everything possible and we allow them free reign of the house. I babyproofed all I could and put monitors up so I can hear them from room to room. They love exploring and do almost everything together.
I got sponsored by Brooks Shoes again. I feel so fortunate that Brooks believes in supporting Mamas. This sponsorship is not puny. I could buy at least 15 pairs of shoes or equivalent clothing.
My training is going well too! I am running 2-3 hard workouts a week and just saw a slight improvement in my fitness this past week. My comeback from pregnancy is much slower compared with my first pregnancy though. I attribute that to lower training volume, less time to train, sleep deprivation and maybe even my 4 finger abdominal separation. I likely will need surgery to repair that.
Roam and Ember are beginning to follow commands like - go put the diaper in the garbage. Roam or Ember will pick up the diaper and throw it in the garbage. It so amazing and cute too.
Another example of my boys cuteness to me is -when I hurt myself like stepping on a hard toy and yelp with pain, I have all 3 boys giving my hugs This makes all the sleep deprivation worth it to me :)
We stayed in a Yurt last weekend. We all hiked and/or sled 20 min to get to it. I never stayed in a yurt before so it was an experience. Thankfully Ray kept the fire going all night b/c it got very cold. Skiing in the sunshine pulling Eon was my highlight.
My next race is a 3 mile St Pattys Day Race. My goal is to run faster than last year.
I feel so blessed to have my family and health. Every day is special for us all. Every night in bed I count my blessings and I know I am a very lucky Mama.
Happy Valentines Day.
Running Happy

13 months

Celebrating Winter Solstice with candles and songs

Roam taking his first steps

Ember taking his first steps
Inside the Yurt

15 month hats and Eon 4.5 yrs old loving his digger Valentine

Sledding around the yurt

The yurt had a sky light and lots of windows

Off we hike to the Yurt
Eon loves pushing his brother in this car

Eons fort

15 months

Roam exploring outside 14 months

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Anonymous said...

Nicole you are so energetic and positive. Your kids and family must marvel at you constant optimism in the face of all there is in raising three young sons. I love your writing and you that you have a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Big Sky Walker