Friday, October 18, 2013

Colors of Life

First time at Seeley Lake
23 months
Sorry to be missing for 8 months. So much change is happening in my life that I decided to do a quick blog update.
First is that we are close to moving in to our new house. I am very busy with items for our house like faucets, flooring, lights, doors etc. I am also busy with trying to sell our existing house.
My 3 boys are keeping me busy too but thank goodness Roam and Ember are finally sleeping a bit better. I now get maybe one 3-4 hour stretch during the night where one or both does not wake up. I do not believe in crying it out so it can be exhausting some nights but I do see a glimmer of hope that more sleep is coming for me too.
My running is .....well the good news I am not injured and I can run moderate. The not so good news is that I recently found out that I have hypothyroidism likely caused by pregnancy. I diagnosed myself a few months ago and wanted to rule it out since I was slower in my races and could not get back to my former pre-pregnancy weight. I actually have Hashimotos which is an auto-immune disease affecting my thyroid and adrenals. I researched and discovered that I can reverse this disease using nutrition. 10 days ago I started taking my thyroid pill and am feeling a little better but I have a while yet to be back to my former self. For now, per doctors orders I can only run moderate.
If there are any runners out there that just don't feel right after pregnancy, go get a Hashimotos screen and test your TSH, free T3 and free T4. I likely would have not known I had this condition if it were not for wondering why I was slower in races.
I feel fortunate to be able to run moderate pace on the trails in the mountains. It is so pretty this time of year. The bright fall colors fill me with happiness and remind me of how lucky I am. Running in the mountains inspires me to begin training for a goal. My dream is to make another mountain running team. I am excited to start training again soon in hopes to qualify for my 3rd mountain running team.
Running Happy
New house construction

22 months

Eon 5 years old

Our house for sale

Building a fort in the mountains July

Hike in the woods with my boys Aug 13

Love the watermelon July 13


Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for so long, I have never left a comment tho. I am so happy for an update with how things are going! Congratulations on all that is going well. Your boys are gorgeous and have such sweet faces. I can tell you are a good mama to them, they look like they are loved. I know the feeling of a broken nights sleep. We don't let our children cry it out either and it can be exhausting. But children do not stay young forever and they do grow out of that. I hope that your health continues to improve. You are always such an inspiration. Until then take all the rest you need. Much appreciation, Stacy F

Do whatever you want! said...

you and your boys are amazing...i like your blog.i hope i have children one day and write about them,too.i really envy you...

Anonymous said...

I am extremely happy for you and your family and I think you have it all, Nicole, in fact, I know it. But where is Ray's name in all of this? You have the best man in the world and every blog is only about you and the boys lately, rarely a picture of the him. You do not find men like Ray out in the real world. Please know that you were given an amazing blessing and please mention him once in a while and how he has not only loved you beyond himself, but would go to the end of the earth to make your dreams come true, because that is who he is. I know that when you are in it (a blessed life) you do not see it, but after losing it, you realize 24 years later you were a fool. Please acknowledge him more. You are so lucky and I always wish the best for you all. That is what love really is.
A. Nony. Mouse